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WhatsApp’s New Feature: Chat Suggestions and Online Status


WhatsApp, the renowned instant messaging application, is on the verge of introducing an innovative feature. This WhatsApp’s new feature is set to revolutionize how users interact by suggesting contacts for chatting. This article delves deep into the upcoming WhatsApp’s new feature, its functionalities, implications, and much more. Let’s explore how this latest addition will enhance the user experience.

Exploring the WhatsApp’s New Feature Understanding the Feature’s Concept

The new WhatsApp’s new feature on WhatsApp is poised to display a curated list of contacts who have recently been online. This development aims to streamline the process of initiating conversations by suggesting potential chat partners. It aligns with WhatsApp’s vision of fostering seamless communication among its users.

Beta Version Revelations

Insights from WhatsApp Beta Info reveal that the feature has already made its appearance in the beta versions of WhatsApp for Android and iOS platforms. However, it’s worth noting that not all online contacts will be displayed; only those who have been active recently will be showcased.

Implications of the Feature Enhancing Connectivity

By suggesting contacts to chat with, WhatsApp is facilitating connections between users, especially those who may not have interacted before. This feature opens up avenues for new conversations and strengthens existing relationships.

Privacy Considerations

While the WhatsApp’s new feature promotes interaction, it also raises privacy concerns. Users may have reservations about their online status being visible to others. WhatsApp needs to ensure robust privacy settings to address these apprehensions effectively.

Incorporating User Feedback Addressing User Needs

The introduction of this WhatsApp’s new feature underscores WhatsApp’s commitment to user satisfaction. By incorporating suggestions from its user base, the platform continues to evolve, catering to the changing needs and preferences of its audience.

Beta Testing and Refinements

The beta testing phase allows WhatsApp to gather valuable feedback and refine the feature before its official release. This iterative approach ensures a seamless user experience and minimizes potential glitches upon launch.

Navigating the Interface Accessing the Feature

Users can expect to find the suggested contacts prominently displayed within the WhatsApp interface. This intuitive placement encourages engagement and encourages users to initiate conversations effortlessly.

Understanding Online Status

WhatsApp has long provided indicators such as ‘Online’ and ‘Last Seen’ to denote a user’s activity status. The addition of this feature complements existing functionalities, providing users with more insights into their contacts’ availability.


WhatsApp’s upcoming feature holds immense promise in enhancing user connectivity and fostering meaningful interactions. By suggesting contacts for chatting based on online activity, the platform is poised to revolutionize the way users engage with each other. As WhatsApp continues to innovate, users can look forward to a more enriching messaging experience.


Q: How does the new feature suggest contacts for chatting?

A: The WhatsApp’s new feature displays a list of contacts who have been active recently, making it easier for users to initiate conversations.

Q: Will my online status be visible to others?

A: Yes, the feature may display your online status to contacts who are suggested for chatting.

Q: Can I opt out of this feature if I value my privacy?

A: WhatsApp is expected to provide privacy settings allowing users to control the visibility of their online status.

Q: Is the feature available for both Android and iOS users?

A: Yes, the feature has been spotted in the beta versions of WhatsApp for both Android and iOS platforms.

Q: How does this feature complement existing functionalities?

A: It provides additional insights into contacts’ availability, complementing indicators like ‘Online’ and ‘Last Seen.’

Q: When can we expect the feature to be officially rolled out?

A: While no official timeline has been announced, the feature is currently undergoing beta testing, indicating an imminent release

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