beware of new scams

WhatsApp users advised to beware of new scams

LONDON: Users of the global messaging application WhatsApp have been beware of new scams after more than 600 people were targeted in the UK. The latest phishing attempt is targeting large group chats on the messaging app.

Gary Miles, head of the London Police’s

National Fraud Intelligence Bureau, has warned that WhatsApp is an important means of communication for people in the UK. However, fraudsters find ways to infiltrate these platforms. Unfortunately, anyone can be a target of this fraud.

WhatsApp users advised to beware of new scams

He said that with more than 630 reports filed this year, users, especially those in large group chats, are being urged to protect themselves from what is being added to their chats.

According to the agency, this spoofing begins with a member of a group receiving a WhatsApp audio call from an impostor, who is impersonating another member of the group.

These fraudsters usually use a fake profile picture or name to lure the target at first glance. The fraudster then tells the target that they are sending him a passcode that will allow him to join a video call between group members.

This passcode is actually used to access the user’s account on a new device but requires the user to participate in a video call.

Access to the account means they can message the user’s friends, family or other contacts. After taking control of the phone, the fraudsters demand a ransom from the user.

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