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Content Guidelines for Guest Post Sellers

Before you send us your content, please take a moment to acquaint yourself with our guidelines and terms.

By submitting your article to Guest Post Sellers, you signify your commitment to adhering to these principles:

Promoting Originality and Banishing Plagiarism

At Guest Post Sellers, we’re dedicated to presenting our readers with outstanding content that sparks their imagination and fosters enlightenment. To achieve this, we maintain a stringent stance on originality and plagiarism.

We encourage fresh insights and innovation, and hence, all submitted articles should be entirely original, without any previous publication on other platforms, including personal websites or blogs.

Plagiarism is unequivocally prohibited, and we have a zero-tolerance policy towards it. When sending in your article, it is paramount to ensure it’s entirely your creation, devoid of any copied content, be it text, images, or ideas from external sources.

Proper attribution is essential when referencing external information. You accept ownership of the content and offer us a non-exclusive license to publish it on our platform by submitting your article to Guest Post Sellers.

Relevance to Featured Categories

To maintain the cohesiveness and focus of our platform, your article must align seamlessly with one of our featured categories. The subject, theme, and essence should directly relate to one of these categories.

This practice ensures that we uphold our platform’s relevance and thematic consistency, providing readers with the content they’re seeking and intrigued by.

Quality is Paramount

At Guest Post Sellers, we uphold a commitment to content excellence. We aim to offer readers well-crafted, enlightening, and captivating articles that enrich their lives.

To achieve this, we’ve set up the following guidelines:

  • Ensure that your present data is accurate, up-to-date, and supported by reliable sources.
  • Factual precision is vital for building trust with our readers.
  • Employ clear, straightforward language, sidestepping excessive jargon or overly intricate terminology.
  • Structure your article with logical segments using subheadings, bullet points, or numbered lists. 
  • Infuse storytelling techniques, real-world instances, and captivating narratives to maintain reader engagement. 
  • Provide valuable advice, insights, or solutions that readers can seamlessly integrate into their daily routines or enterprises. 


Recommended Article Length

We suggest a minimum article length of 800 words to ensure thorough coverage of our featured topics. This word count allows for an in-depth exploration of the subject, enabling readers to gain a more profound understanding.

Enhancing Readability

For a reader-friendly article, consider these simple formatting tips:

  • Utilize paragraphs, bullet points, and subheadings to break your text into manageable sections.
  • A structured approach to writing enhances comprehension and reader engagement.
  • Take time to meticulously review your work for punctuation, grammar, and spelling errors.
  • Attention to detail is pivotal for maintaining professionalism and presenting polished work.
  • Give your article a thorough read-through to catch any oversight.


Incorporating High-Quality Images

When using images, it’s essential to adhere to copyright regulations and respect the rights of creators. If you include images from other sources, ensure you possess the necessary permissions or select images with a Creative Commons license. Attribute images properly by citing the source and adhering to best practices.

Include Relevant Links

You’re welcome to include links to reliable and useful sources within your article. However, please abstain from adding links that promote products or generate income through affiliations.

We aim to maintain an impartial platform, offering readers unbiased and valuable information. Any advertising or affiliate links will be removed during the editing process.

Cultivating the Right Tone

A wholesome and respectful community is something we actively promote. Therefore, writing with an open mindset is essential, displaying respect for your craft. Avoid offensive or discriminatory language, bearing in mind the diverse backgrounds of our readers.

Adhering to these guidelines lays the foundation for a thriving, diverse community at Guest Post Sellers. We eagerly anticipate your original, pertinent, well-crafted articles that provide insightful perspectives and captivate our readers.

Submitting Your Article

To share your article, kindly send it to guestpostsellers@gmail.com or you can submit the form below.

Send your article as a Word document or a Google Doc attachment.

We receive numerous submissions and strive to review them promptly. However, kindly allow up to 5 business days for a response.

We’ll respond to your submission as swiftly as possible and, if necessary, provide constructive feedback.

Please be aware that these guidelines are subject to change. Staying informed about potential updates is your responsibility.

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