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Best Hawaiian Island to Visit With Kids

Hawaiian Island is a fantastic place for families to visit. It’s famous for its beautiful nature, fun things to do outside, interesting cultures, places to stay that are good for families, safety, and lots of different foods to try.

When you’re picking which Hawaiian island to go to with your family, think about how old your kids are, what you all like to do, how easy it is to get there, how much money you want to spend, and what the weather is like. Oahu and Maui are good if you have kids of all ages, while the Big Island has cool things for older kids. 

In this article, we will see the best places on Hawaiian Island with kids. And what you can do on this island to enjoy a good time with your kids.

The Best Places on Hawaiian Island with kids

1- Oahu

Oahu is one of Hawaii’s major islands. It’s known for its beautiful natural scenery and a mix of cultural and city attractions. Oahu has famous beaches like Waikiki and historical sites such as Pearl Harbor. The island’s capital, Honolulu, is a lively city with lots of cultural sites, shopping areas, restaurants, and nightlife. Oahu offers a unique blend of history, nature, and modern amenities, making it a top destination in Hawaii.

Things to do on Oahu Island with kids

Here are the things you can do when you are visiting Oahu Island with your kids

  • Have fun with kids at Waikiki Beach 
  • Visit Pearl Harbor, it has a famous old ship 
  • You can go to the Diamond Head volcano hole where people can walk
  • Polynesian Cultural Center where you experience different cultures.

2- Maui

Maui also known as The Valley Isle is one of Hawaii’s beautiful islands. It’s famous for its stunning natural beauty, including beaches, waterfalls, and a big volcano called Haleakalā. Maui has charming towns like Lahaina and Paia and a road called Hana Highway with lots of lovely scenery.

People love to watch the sunrise from Haleakalā, and you can do outdoor things like snorkelling and hiking here. It’s a great place for relaxation and adventure, with a rich Polynesian culture to explore, making it a top destination in Hawaii for a tropical vacation.

Things to do on Maui Island with kids

Here are the things you can do on Maui Island with kids to enjoy its beauty

  • Enjoy sunny days at beautiful Maui beaches.
  • Take a whale-watching tour during whale season
  • Visit Lahaina Banyan Court Park with its giant tree 
  • Explore marine life at Maui Ocean Center
  • Hike easy trails in Iao Valley State Park 
  • Enjoy a family-friendly luau for Hawaiian culture and food

3- Big Island 

The Big Island is the biggest of all the Hawaiian Islands. It’s a place of many differences, with active volcanoes, green rainforests, dry deserts, and lovely beaches. People love it for its unique natural beauty and exciting adventures. Whether you like exploring volcanoes, relaxing on the beach, or discovering the outdoors, the Big Island has something for everyone. It’s a special place where you can experience the best of Hawaii.

Things can be done on Big Island with kids 

In Big Island the things you can do with your kids are given below

  • Go hiking in rainforests
  • Visit the green sand beach 
  • Snorkel with colorful fish
  • Visit botanical gardens
  • Try horseback riding
  • Try ziplining if your kids are big enough 

4- Kauai

Kauai is one of the Hawaiian Islands. It’s the oldest of them all and is famous for its stunning natural beauty. You’ll find tall cliffs, green valleys, waterfalls, and rainforests. Kauai is a peaceful and calm place, perfect if you want to relax, enjoy the outdoors, and be close to nature.

You can explore the beautiful Na Pali Coast, hike in the impressive Waimea Canyon, and discover hidden beaches. Kauai is a quiet island where nature is protected, so it’s great for those who love the outdoors and want to relax. 

Things you can do on Kauai Island with kids

Here are the things that can you in Kauai Island with kids

  • Build sandcastles
  • Go on a boat ride to see dolphins
  • Discover native plants
  • Visit the lighthouse
  • Watch water shoot through a blowhole
  • Enjoy a Hawaiian luau with cultural entertainment  

5- Lanai

Lanai is a small and quiet Hawaiian island. It’s a peaceful place, away from the noise and crowds. Lanai is special because it has beautiful beaches, stunning landscapes, and a mix of luxury and nature.

People love Lanai for its calmness, where you can relax on hidden beaches, have outdoor adventures, and feel close to nature. The island is not very developed, and it cares a lot about keeping nature safe. This makes Lanai a perfect spot for those who want a peaceful, romantic, and genuine Hawaiian experience.

Things to do on Lanai island with kids 

The things you can do with kids on Lanai island are given below

  • Spend time at Hulopoe Beach
  • Take easy family hikes like the Munro Trail
  • Explore the underwater world
  • Hunt for seashells
  • discover Lanai City with its unique charm
  • Have a picnic in one of Lanai’s serene parks

6- Molokai

Molokai is a special Hawaiian island. It’s not very crowded, and it’s a bit like going back in time to old Hawaii. Molokai is famous for its tall cliffs by the sea, green valleys, quiet beaches, and a strong connection to Hawaiian culture.

Molokai is unique due to its simplicity. You can explore nature, learn about Hawaiian history, and enjoy a slower way of life. It’s a place to relax, connect with nature, and meet the friendly local people. Whether you want outdoor adventures, cultural experiences, or just a peaceful vacation.

Things you can do on Molokai Island with kids

  • Discover tide pools
  • Experience camping in nature at Palaau State
  • Fly kites with kids in the gentle island
  • Snorkel at calm spots like Kawakiu Beach
  • Visit Kapuaiwa Coconut Grove 
  • Relax, swim, build sandcastles


Hawaiian Island has something special to offer families with kids. Oahu is great for city life and lots of activities. Maui is perfect if you want beautiful nature and family-friendly places. The Big Island has cool nature stuff, especially for older kids who like science. Kauai is all about nature and being calm. Molokai lets you learn about Hawaii’s history, and Lanai is peaceful and fancy.

So, the best island for your family depends on what you like and your budget. But no matter where you go in Hawaii, you’ll have a wonderful time and make awesome family memories.



  1. Which Hawaiian island is best for families with young children? Each Hawaiian island offers unique attractions, but Maui and Oahu are popular choices for families due to their abundance of family-friendly activities and amenities.

  2. What activities are available for kids on Hawaiian islands? From snorkeling with sea turtles to exploring volcanic landscapes and enjoying luaus, Hawaiian islands offer a wide range of activities tailored to children, including nature hikes, cultural experiences, and water sports.

  3. Are there kid-friendly accommodations available on Hawaiian islands? Yes, many resorts and hotels in Hawaii cater to families with children, offering amenities such as kid’s clubs, pools with water slides, and organized family activities to ensure a memorable vacation experience.

  4. What safety precautions should families take when visiting Hawaiian islands with kids? While Hawaii is generally a safe destination, families should practice water safety, sunscreen application, and supervise children closely, especially near beaches and in natural environments. It’s also essential to follow any posted warnings or guidelines related to wildlife encounters or weather conditions.

  5. What is the best time of year to visit Hawaii with kids? The best time to visit Hawaii with kids is during the shoulder seasons of spring (April to June) and fall (September to November) when the weather is pleasant, and tourist crowds are thinner. However, families should be mindful of school holidays and plan accordingly to avoid peak travel times.

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