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What to Wear in Napa Valley in December?

December is an important time in Napa Valley, California, because it’s the start of winter. Napa Valley is well-known for its vineyards and wine; the changing leaves in December give it a unique, colorful touch. It’s a quieter time for tourists, which means fewer crowds when you visit wineries and taste wine.

But you need to dress right for December in Napa Valley. It’s chilly, with temperatures in the 50s and 60s, and sometimes it rains. So, layering your clothes is smart, and remember a raincoat or an umbrella. This matters, especially if you want to explore outdoor activities like hiking or hot air balloon rides that Napa Valley has to offer.

In this blog, we will guide you if you love wine or simply want to enjoy the beautiful sights. We’ll share tips on enjoying wine, checking out vineyards, and staying cozy in the chilly weather.

What Is Napa’s Weather Like in December?

Napa Valley, California, is cool and rainy in December. Days are around 50-60°F (12-17°C), and nights get chilly at 30-40°F (1-4°C). It often rains, with 5-6 inches (127-152 mm) of rain for the month, resulting in cloudy days. However, you’ll still see about 4-5 hours of sunlight daily.

While snow is rare, morning fog can happen due to its nearby bay. December is less crowded for tourists, so it’s a good time to visit wineries and attractions. Keep an eye on the weather forecast for accurate updates.

How to Perfect the Art of Layering in Napa Valley?

Layering your clothes in Napa Valley is like putting together a puzzle to stay comfy. First, start with a cozy, soft shirt close to your skin. Think about using clothes made from special materials, like cotton or wool, that keep you comfy.

Next, add some more layers. These are like extra pieces to your clothing puzzle. If it’s chilly, wear a warm sweater or a long-sleeve shirt. If it gets even colder, you can wear a jacket to take off when it gets warmer.

Wear pants that are comfortable for walking and exploring. You should put on some comfy socks and shoes, too. Remember sunglasses and a big hat to keep your face cool and protected if you are in the sun.

Sometimes, a scarf can be your friend. You can wrap it around your neck to stay warm or use it as a stylish accessory. When you go wine tasting, remember that some places might be cooler inside, so having a light sweater or shawl can be handy.

What to Wear During the Day in Napa Valley?

During the winter months in Napa Valley (December to February), You should prepare for colder temperatures and sporadic rain by dressing warmly. Here’s what to wear during the winter in Napa Valley:

1. Warm Coat or Jacket: Think of a cozy, warm coat like a big, comforting hug. It keeps you toasty when it’s cold outside. Make sure it can handle a little rain, too.

2. Layered Clothing: Winter’s like a puzzle; layers are your pieces. Start with long-sleeve shirts, sweaters, or turtlenecks under your coat. Add or remove as you need to stay comfy.

3. Bottoms: Your legs need love, too. Wear pants like jeans or slacks to keep the cold away. If it’s super chilly, put on thermal leggings underneath.

4. Footwear: Your feet need protection from the cold and maybe even rain. Go for closed-toe shoes or ankle boots. If they’re waterproof, even better!

5. Accessories: Wrap up like a winter warrior with scarves, gloves, and a warm hat. These extras make a big difference in staying cozy.

6. Umbrella: Rain happens in winter, so bring a small umbrella to stay dry when you’re out and about.

7. Warm Socks: Keep your feet happy with warm, moisture-wicking socks. They’ll thank you.

8. Layers for Wine Tasting: Remember that wineries are usually warm inside if you’re off to taste some fantastic wines. So, wear layers you can easily take off when you’re indoors.

Can You Make Sustainable Fashion Choices in Napa?

In Napa Valley, you can make eco-friendly fashion choices. Try thrifting at local stores for used clothes. Look for shops that care about the Earth and buy things made close by. Pick clothes made from good materials like organic cotton. Support brands that do the right thing and have special badges like Fair Trade or GOTS. Get things that last instead of cheap ones you throw away. Fix or change damaged clothes instead of tossing them. Swap clothes with friends to get new stuff. Use less wash clothes with cold water and dry them outside. Keep it simple and learn about eco-friendly fashion to help the planet.

What to Pack for Napa Valley During Winter?

When packing for a winter trip to Napa Valley, it’s essential to remember the region’s cool and occasionally rainy weather. Here’s a simple guide on what clothes to pack:

Warm Clothes: It can get pretty chilly, so bring sweaters, long-sleeve shirts, and cozy stuff.

Jackets: Get a good jacket that can handle some rain and cold. You’ll want to stay dry and warm.

Pants: Pack jeans or comfy pants for your legs. If you plan to go outside a lot, bring waterproof pants.

Boots: Good, comfy, and waterproof boots are a must. They’ll keep your feet dry and stop you from slipping.

Extras: Remember a warm hat, gloves, and a scarf. They’ll keep you snug.

Umbrella: Rain happens, so bring a small umbrella to stay dry.

Layer Up: Wear layers. Start with a shirt, add a sweater, and if it’s cold, put on your jacket. This way, you can change as the weather does.

Casual and Fancy Clothes: Bring both casual and nice outfits, just in case you want to go to a fancy dinner.

Socks: Warm socks are a must, especially if your feet get cold easily.

Wine Tasting Clothes: Wear comfortable and stylish clothes if you’re going wine tasting. But don’t use strong perfumes when tasting wine.

Daypack: A small backpack is handy for carrying your stuff when you explore.


Visiting Napa Valley in December offers a unique and serene experience with fewer tourists and the beauty of changing leaves in the vineyards. However, preparing for cool and occasionally rainy weather is essential. Layering your clothing, including a warm coat and waterproof boots, is crucial for comfort and enjoyment. Remember accessories like scarves, gloves, and an umbrella to stay cozy and dry. Sustainable fashion choices are encouraged in Napa, and packing casual and fancy outfits and wine-tasting attire ensures you’re ready for any occasion.

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