Vitamin A plays an important role in skin wound healing

Vitamin A plays an important role in skin wound healing

New York: Whenever a small scratch occurs due to a fall, special cells in the skin are activated to heal the wound. New research tells us that this is the stage where vitamin A plays a crucial role.

According to media reports, a recent study conducted by American researchers has shown that vitamin A instructs cells to ‘repair’ the skin after an injury, as well as hair growth.

According to this research from Rockefeller University in New York, these special cells are actually hair stem cells. But these usually don’t work until they determine whether to repair the skin or promote hair growth. This recipe provides vitamin A.

As the skin is often injured, the hair cells are immediately activated to compensate for the damage to the skin.

With this new study, we now have a better understanding of how to prevent various skin and hair disorders and cancer,” said Rockefeller University researcher Elaine Fuchs.

The researchers also discovered that adequate amounts of vitamin A are essential for the efficient functioning of these cells. Too much vitamin A can prevent cells from changing roles properly, while low levels can spend too much time repairing the skin instead of growing hair.

Note that when cells in the body change their designated function, it is called lineage plasticity. This process occurs in both cancer and wound healing.

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